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Dogs Adopted in January 2006

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 Dogs Adopted in January 2006

Pups, 10 weeks Males/Females Rottweiler  Adopted
These puppies were born in the Save A Dog van to a hurricane Katrina dog. Their mother is a very submissive and loveable female.

Puppy Diary:

Caddy Renamed Brady. Read his Success Story
Mika Renamed Storm. Read her Success Story
Shaylee Renamed Bridgette. Read her Success Story

  Alicia, 2 years old Female Whippet / Terrier  Mix     Adopted
Alicia Alicia

Alicia is a two year old female Whippet/terrier mix who came to us from a high volume shelter in WV. She walks well on leash and is very sweet. She's a nice size at 35 lbs. She is a little shy and reserved in new situations, so we recommend an adult household to build her confidence. She's a really easy dog and just so sweet and gentle.

  Amy, 14 mons Female Chocolate Lab    Adopted
Amy Amy

Amy is an exuberant petite 60lb 14 month-old chocolate lab, who lives to run outside and play. Her family had no time for her, so her exercise needs went unmet. Inside, she is sweet and quiet, lying at your feet until you walk toward the door--then she is dancing around ready to go out again. She needs some leash work, but comes when called, knows sit and down, and with some training will be the best pooch in the neighborhood--she is smart and eager to learn. Housetrained, but she is still a puppy in the chocolate lab world, she needs to get out and do her business morning, noon and night! Crate trained, not a chewer, rides well in the car, no food issues, raised with kids, and cute as a button, she is the perfect girl for a family who will make time for her.

  Daisy, 3 yrs old Female Labradoodle    Adopted
Daisy Daisy

This three year old spayed female Labradoodle, who is the size of a small standard poodle, is being given up by her family due to life changes within the family. They have owned this beloved pet since she was a puppy. She is up to date with all of her veterinary care and her full health record is available. She has had rare seizures but is well controlled on low doses of phenobarbital. Daisy is dog friendly and was raised with kids. She is a fun-loving exuberant pooch who passed her temperament testing without a problem and who just "turns inside out" for hugs, pats and scratches while she snuggles up to you. She loves to ride in the car and is a well behaved passenger. She also likes walks and playing outside. In short, Daisy is a wonderful companion. Since Daisy was not formally obedience trained as a puppy , she is now at K-9 University in Douglas, MA for a short residency course in obedience to "tweek" her manners and make her the perfect lady.

  Felicia, 6 mons Female Chow / Elkhound  Mix     Adopted
Felicia Felicia

Felicia is a six month old chow/elkhound mix. She has soft, fluffy black fur. She has a collie-looking face. She and her sister, Fluffy, are the sweetest puppies, full of play bows and gentleness. She loves the snow. She's quiet in her crate and just a lovely puppy. She is already spayed and up to date on vaccines.

  Fluffy, 6 mons Female Chow / Elkhound  Mix     Adopted
Fluffy Fluffy

Fluffy is a six month old chow/elkhound mix. She has the most gorgeous sable coat that we tried to capture in pictures, but you have to see her as the pictures do not do her justice. She and her sibling Felicia are the sweetest puppies, full play bows and gentleness. She loves the snow. She's quiet in her crate and just a lovely puppy. She is already spayed and up to date on vaccines.

  Nick, 2 years old Male Rottie / Lab  Mix     Adopted

Nick is a young Rottie/Lab mix. He is a 90 lb. boy who is a gentle giant. He is great with kids, doesn't jump up or try to dominate. We suggest older kids because of his size. He is very submissive with people and loves to have his belly rubbed. He is very good in his crate. When you let him outside, he will pick up a ball or stuffed animal and take it out to toss it around. When he's in his crate and he sees you coming, he will pick up a ball and hold it in his mouth as he's ready to play. He seems to have had some training too as he waits before the door is opened and is very good on leash.

Movie of Nick playing with stuffed animal in the snow.

  Emma, 3 yrs old Female Shih Tzu    Adopted
Emma Emma

Emma is a 3 yr. old purebred shih tzu who is very sweet. She is a little shy at first, but loves attention, to be brushed, and loves her treats! When she comes in from doing her business, she is very excited and can hardly wait for her treat! She wags her tail often. She loves to play with her squeeky toys and will play fetch.

Emma is not used to children, but was in a home with a cat, and enjoyed playing with the cat. we think she thought it was just another shih tzu! We are looking for an adult only home for her, possibly children in their late teens. Emma would love a fenced in yard to be able to run around in with you.

  Ridgely, Young Female Beagle  Mix     Adopted
Ridgely Ridgely

This little girl (25 lbs) is a lovely, sweet , soulful brown-eyed beauty. She loves to be outside and roams with her nose stuck to the ground, like a beagle mix should.

Great with other dogs and kids, she is quiet in the house, not a barker, rides well in the car, crates beautifully, and not a chewer. Will come when called, just not right away. Loves to cuddle and have you stroke her head while she gazes into your eyes.

She has been known to counter surf at Thanksgiving, but responds well to “no”! She is almost totally housetrained; she just needs to have someone make sure she does her business instead of trying to find out about the whole world every time she goes out! Needs training but is quick and willing. All in all, a wonderful dog, both in size and temperament.

  Sake, 2 years old Male Shih Tzu    Adopted
Sake Sake

Sake is a 2-1/2 yr old male purebred Shih Tzu. He is red and white and weighs approx. 15 lbs.

Sake came to us as his elderly owner is must move into elderly housing and cannot take him with her. He has been well-loved & cared for and is a devoted companion. He has some seperation anxiety, when his person is not around, and will need someone to work with him with understanding and patience. We will be looking for a home for him where his owner will be home full time (and/or be able to take him to work, etc) and able to give him the undivided attention he deserves.

He just arrived in his foster home, and will continue to be assessed. He is a little on the shy side with new people but seems to adapt well. He is very people oriented, and his previous owner also reported that he LOVES people. He loves to be with his person/people, and really is a joy. The more attention, the better! Sake is housetrained, and very very sweet....a typical shih tzu personality.

Sake would do best as an only dog, no cats and no small children.

If you're interested in adopting Sake, please fill out an application. We are an all-volunteer rescue and don't have the resources to return the many phone calls. You can see our website for more information under "How to Adopt" .THANK YOU!

  Penny, 1 year old Female Lab / Pit  Mix     Adopted

Penny is a year old spayed little girl, whom we believe to be a Lab/Pit mix. She was found as a stray. Her owner cared enough to call to inquire about her but has chosen to abandon her at the veterinary hospital which is caring for her. Weighing about 44 pounds , she is friendly, gentle and appropriately playful. She loves playing ball, rides in the car and walks. She also loves being cuddled and wants to please. Penny passed her temperament testing and shows no indication for guarding of either food or possessions. She has just graduated from a two week residency obedience training program at K-9 University in Douglas, MA. Now Penny is ready to find her forever person and her forever home. She would like to be an only dog and would not want to live with cats. This girl is a very affectionate people dog and will make an exceptionally loyal and loving companion.

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