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Dogs Adopted in April 2001

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 Dogs Adopted in April, 2001

Star is a gorgeous female puppy who appears to be an Australian shepherd mix. She is about nine weeks old. She has an entropian eye, which will need surgery when she is six months old. This should not affect her eyesight as it has to do with the eyelashes turning inward. She has recently had stitches to hold the lashes out of the way. Star will need to be either an only dog or with older dogs who will not rough-house with her. Save A Dog is willing to subsidize the surgery.

Donations for Star's surgery will be warmly accepted. She's a gorgeous dog with a winsome personality.


Ima - 2-3 years Old - Golden Mix

Ima is a two to three year old a female Golden mix who recently delivered puppies and will be spayed in the beginning of April and then ready to be adopted. We will be making appointments for her to be seen shortly. She needs some basic obedience, but is sweet,  lovely and submissive. She is crate trained. Not exposed to kids yet, but we will kid-test her shortly. She does like to chase cats, so would do better in a home without them. Adopted!

Tyler - 2-3 years Old Female - Beagle

Tyler is a female spayed beagle.  She is approximately 2-3 years old and is tri-colored.  She is very playful and sweet but like many rescued dogs could use a little polishing on her basic obedience skills. 
She loves to eat-a little too much I'm afraid-so we are switching her to a lower calorie food to slim her down a bit.  As much as she loves to chow down, she never snaps or growls even if you take her food away while she's eating.  I did this several times with her to test her food aggression was very impressed with her docile reaction. 
Even though she is a little pudgy right now, she is rather small framed for a beagle and I think that she has the potential to be quite the petite little thing. The thing that struck me the most was that she loved to romp and play and was generally fun to be around. We've seen beagles like her take the weight off quickly so she should have no problem slimming down once she's allowed a regular exercise routine, be it walking or playing in the yard.
I would not recommend her to a family with cats as she loves to chase them and bark.  Of course when she actually catches them, she has no idea what to do with them and just stands there wagging her tail.

Annie - 6 months Female - Shepherd mix

Annie came to us from a rescuer down south who got her from a friend who observed her being dumped from a car onto a busy road where she was immediately hit by a car. She has had surgery for a broken leg and appears to be recovering nicely. She is very sweet and appears to be about 6 months old. She has had all of her shots and has a spay appointment coming up.   She is maybe 40lbs and look likes a very small shepherd. Adopted!.

Clemson - 9 mo. male Cocker

Clemson is an absolute doll. He's playful and loving and doesn't seem to have any baggage. He lived with small kids and was great with them. He is housetrained and good with dogs and kids. He is high energy as he's a young dog, but with the right amount of exercise and training he should make an awesome family pet. The picture shows he has nice soft puppy fur, so he looks bigger than his actual size.


Lakita - One Year Old - Siberian Husky female

Lakita is a gorgeous 1 year old female siberian husky.  She has an appointment to be spayed on Monday.  She is an owner surrender from someone who did not have time for her. She was kept on a run outside.  She is a sweet dog that just wants attention,  is supposed to be good with cats and children. She has beautiful blue eyes!


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