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Hello Everyone,

Shorty had an excellent Christmas. Santa brought toys and treats for her and her buddy, Mack. She has settled in with us just fine and loves her new home. Not only do Mack and Shorty chase each other around, but Shorty and our cat, Zeus, are becoming great friends and are often found wrestling and chasing each other. Shorty has decided that she prefers our bed to her own and that is just fine with us. Sometimes the bed gets a bit crowded with 2 dogs plus the cats, but so far it has not collapsed. I've attached a picture of Mack and Shorty.

Happy New Year!
The Normans

Hi Shirley,

Shorty has really settled in to her routine with us. She is a fantastic little dog. She was not housetrained when we got her, but she has learned quickly and we have had a couple of days with no accidents now. She has even gone to the back door to let us know that she needs to go out. And, it only took her 1 time to learn that when she comes in from outside, she needs to sit to get a treat. She runs right in the door and sits right down in the pantry (without us asking her to) and waits for her biscuit! Shorty also gets along great with our other pets. She loves Mack our Australian Shepherd - you should see those two play together. They wrestle and chase each other. They run together while they are both holding the frisbee in their mouths (this looks pretty funny since Shorty is smaller than Mack). Shorty also gets along well with our cats. She has shared her floor pillow with one of our cats and one night when Shorty was stretched out in my lap the cat came over and settled down on my lap with the dog. While Shorty loves to play, she is also a real lap dog who absolutely loves to stretch out in your arms like a baby and fall asleep. And, around 5am every morning she is in the habit of waking me up for a lift into bed to cuddle with us for a while before getting up for the day.

Please let everyone know that Shorty is doing well. We all love her bunches and everyone who meets her thinks she is a real cutie pie. Also, I believe the name of the volunteer who showed us Shorty at the Meet and Greet is Mary. Could you please let her know that Shorty is well.

Happy Holidays to you and your family and everyone at Save a Dog.


I wanted to give you an update on Shorty. She is curled up in my lap while I type this. What a sweetie pie!! She had a GREAT first night in her new home. Our dog, Mack, has been very good with her. Both Shorty and Mack are sharing their toys nicely with each other. One of our four cats is curious about Shorty, but the others have stayed away from her. All Shorty does is look at the cat and walk up and gently sniff her. Last night Shorty slept in our room on a big pillow on the floor. She even crawled into Mack's bed with him for a few minutes, but Mack didn't feel like snuggling so he got up and went to sleep on the floor. Shorty slept thru the night and woke up and felt even more comfortable with Mack. She is initiating play with him and at one point even jumped on his back wh! en he was lying down. This evening Shorty went with us to my daughters karate class and got lots of attention from several kids. She was great with the kids. Very gentle. She also went to the pet store to visit my step-son and she even got to meet a couple of new dogs there. When I go out to feed the chickens, she and her new buddy, Mack, look at the door together and watch me.

Well, Shorty is tired from her busy day. She just wanted you to know that she is doing well and feels really spoiled already. Thanks so much for letting us have Shorty - we feel so lucky!!


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