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 Shorty, formerly Oscar

Dear Save A Dog,

We just want to express our appreciation at being able to adopt Shorty, aka "Oscar" the dachshund mix we welcomed into our family in November.

We already had a 10 year old Yorkie, Comet, who was lonely and a Mama's girl to boot. Our two children, Tyler, 13, & Kelsi, 11, really wanted a dog they could snuggle up to play with, and of course another dog would keep Comet company as well. After months of discussion and months of searching at shelters as well as on the internet, we saw the picture and description of Oscar (now our Shorty) and we knew he was the one.

Taking Comet with me to meet Shorty, we found that although she had been an "only dog" for almost ten years, Comet was willing to tolerate being in close proximity with Shorty and vice-versa. When I saw Shorty welcome a total stranger walking up the sidewalk as if that person was his long-lost pal, I knew that he was a great dog and just what we had hoped to find.

So Shorty came to live with us. The first week was reminiscent of bringing a new baby home to the family. He was getting to know our habits and life rhythms, and we were learning to interpret his needs. My daughter Kelsi came up with the brilliant idea of making him a "safe spot" of a cardboard box with his own blankie for each room. That way, when all the new smells and sounds became too much, he could retire to his own spot but still be with us wherever we were in the house. It worked perfectly, and we could see that he did indeed seek out his special place for those first couple of weeks. Plus, Comet wouldn't invade his space, so it brought any "sibling rivalry" down a couple of notches.

We took Comet & Shorty for many walks together so that they would get used to each other's presence but be too busy to mind each other. Again, that worked out extremely well, and walking together has been a favorite pasttime since Day One. Also, we did an obedience training class, and the class helped establish Shorty's role in the family as well as teach us humans how dogs communicate and how we should communicate with him. We highly recommend this for anyone welcoming a rescue dog into their family. Plus, it's great fun for everyone - dogs included!

Because Save A Dog fosters out their dogs, prospective owners know what the personality and needs of the dog are before they commit to an adoption. For instance, we knew from Shorty's stay with his adoptive Mom, Pam, that Shorty had gotten along with other dogs but was a "cat chaser". We also knew he was good with all people, kids as well as and adults. And we knew that he liked to chew. We've found that this is one his very favorite activities - a real need for him.

Everyone who meets Shorty comments on what a great dog he is. In fact, my daugher has dubbed him "Sir Everwag" for that constantly wagging tail of his. My son Tyler takes primary care of his feeding and playing/walking needs and he loves to do this for his special pal. He is just the best dog ever, and we are all absolutely head over heels in love with him. Thank you so much everyone at Save A Dog!

Jo-Ann, Stephen, Tyler, Kelsi, Comet & Shorty

The Dupuis family

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