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Dear Shirley & all-

Shade turned 1 in November and has been having lots of great experiences with us! His training is going well- he knows sit, down, and is still working on stay, come and wait. He is great on a leash- he heels well and has no more anxiety about the sounds and sight of the city. We visit the Somerville dog park (Nunziato OLRA) regularly, Shade goes to a weekly puppy group, walks by the Mystic River (loves those river smells!) and more. We visit his "uncle" Jeff on Cape Cod (see photo), go for rides in the car (see photo- nap time!) and camping on the Swift River in NH (see photo). We also took him to the Lazy Dog Inn in Chocorua, NH (totally dog-friendly!). Life is good. Shade loves his bed at the foot of ours, playing with his football in the backyard, chewing on bully sticks, and napping on "his" couch every evening!

Thanks for matching us with our dream dog. He is very happy and well balanced! Happy Holidays to you all; wishing you a great 2007!

Sarah & Phil & Shade


My name is Phil Kerrigan and my girlfriend is Sarah Santoro and we both live together in Somerville, MA. We are the couple that adopted Shade and I wanted to let you know how he is doing. In short, we love him to death and I think the feeling is mutual!

We met Shade at a "Meet and Greet" sponsored by Save-A-Dog and fell in love immediately with him. His playfulness and intelligence (and of course his cuteness) really won us over. We officially adopted him on July 24th from Shirley directly from her home. Shirley is an incredible foster mom and was so helpful with us the entire process. At the time, Sparkle was there and it was sweet to see the sibling.

Your story about finding them and how wonderful their temperament is despite their situation amazes me. We truly believe that Shade doesn't have a bad bone in his body and we thank you for taking care of him.

He is fitting in very well. We already had a personal training session and will be attending a puppie training class soon (he needs a little help with jumping up on us but we figure it is a puppy being a puppy!). He enjoys just about all the toys we can buy him and I personally have a great game we play in the backyard of chase. As for his mom, he follows her everywhere and looks up to her more than anyone. I am a guy so I figure he and I have a male relationship, we tussle and play together all the time.

Right now things are great. We walk him a few times a day and also play in our backyard. Once a week we have a dog walker take him on a puppie group adventure (that tires him out for sure).

I just wanted to send you a message about how Shade is doing and to thank both of you for taking such wonderful care of him.

I have some photos for you to look at.

Warm Regards,
Phil Kerrigan and Sarah Santoro

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