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 Muffy, formerly Cheri
Hi Shirley,

I just thought I would stop by to say hi and let you know that Muffy and I think about you all the time. I hope that the nice weather brings with it many, many new adoptions. I LOVE to read your success stories and look at all the pictures of the dogs you have rescued and placed with new families. You really should be very proud of what you do, Muffy and I are very proud of you and sooooooooo grateful that you brought her into our lives.

I have a attached a new picture of my little "Sugar Bear". Muffy is absolutely wonderful, adorable, sweet, cuddly and loving as always.

You're in our thoughts and hearts.

Love Muffy and Patty

P.S. I hope all the blankets, crate and food came in handy. PLEASE let me know if you are need of anything else. If you need more blankets let me know, there is a wonderful childrens consignment store here in Leominster and I would love to go and buy up all of the baby quilts and crib blankets if you need them for your doggies. Just let me know, it is NO problem at all.

Dear Shirley,

On June 9th, it will be wo years since we adopted Muffy (use to be Cheri) and these have been two of the most wonderful years of our lives. Muffy makes us laugh, shows us endless affection, cheers you up when your down and has become everyone's favorite family member. We had a big scare at the beginning of this month, Muffy came down with a life threatening illness called Hemorragic Gastro Enteritis. She had been perfectly heathly, happy and playful and within a matter of a day, she was fighting for her life. Our Veterinarian told us there is no known cause or reason for this illness and said she only had a 50/50 chance of surviving. I felt as though someone had torn my heart out. How could this be? Muffy spent two days fighting for her life and then on the third day, she finally turned the corner. By day four she was beginning to eat plain boiled rice and we started to se her gain back some of the strenghth she had lost. At the end of eight days, she was clearly better and back on her regular diet of Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food, by day ten, she had finished her course or antibiotics and another medication called Endosorb, had had dropped to only 10lbs due to being sick and she is now back at her normal 12 and a half pounds. We are so grateful to our Veterinarian for working so hard (he even took care of Muffy on his day off) to pull our special little Bichon through such a horrific illness. I would go to the end of the world for our special little furball.

Muffy enjoys everything! She loves her stuffed toys (she recently got a bigger toy box to fill ALL of them in), she chases her mini tennis ball all over the living room, she enjoys her walks in the evening after dinner, and her very favorite thing to do is chase her tail until she is so dizzy she falls down. When ever I hear someone say "Oh she is just a dog", boy do I set them straight. She is not just a dog! Muffy is our pride and joy!

I know I have already thanked Shirley Moore at Save A Dog for allowing us the pleasure of adopting Muffy, but I would also like to thank her for saving Muffy from the shelter in New York, along with the hundreds of dogs that the staff has saved from shelters all over the world. Not only has Save A Dog spared the lives of countless dogs from needlessly being put to sleep, they have given so many people a dog to love, grow with, seek joy from, create a bond with and most of all allow us to love a very special little animal.

Thank you Shirley and thank you Save A Dog.

The O'Dell Family, Patty, Brian, Sean and Timmie
And don't forget Muffy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

P.S. I have sent you 6 pictures of Muffy and would love to see this letter and her pictures in your success stories.

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