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Hi Shirley;

I adopted Buddy in January and figure it is time to update you on Buddy. Buddy has adjusted well to his new home and is loved by all. He is a gentle dog that everyone compliments when they see him.I had have German Shepherds all my life and I received more compliments with Buddy than with the total of my other dogs. He is quite handsome and well behaved you can't help but noticed him.

He has gotten over his separation anxiety from me. It just took time.

He now knows the routine of the house and feel comfortable and secure enough with it.

As far as training goes Buddy was already trained but we went to a few classes for bonding. Buddy received his Good Manners certificate on 2/28/02 from N.E.V.B.A./A.R.L., Beginners Two certificate on 4/10/02 from Canine University and his Canine Good Citizen certificate on 4/11/02 from Canine University. Presently, we drop in at the A.K.C. Training Club on Thursday nights for training lessons.

Of all things, Buddy favorite past time which we do daily is to run free in the woods. He looks like a fawn running wild when left free to run. Fortunately, he is very good about staying within eyeshot of us. It never failed, he always find a tennis ball while running in the woods, which is like a jackpot hit to him. Yes, you were right he is ball obsess!!!!

Buddy loves stuff animals fortunately my children are 20 and 22 years of age. One day my daughter left her bedroom door open and although Buddy has his own stuff animals quess what? One by one my daughter's stuff animals were taken from her room and put into Buddy's bed. Boy, was he happy. He just didn't have anywhere to lay down as now there were 16 stuff animals of my daughter and 7 of his own stuff animals piled in his bed. Boy did we get a kick out of this. So now we just keep her door shut to prevent stuff animals kidnapping by Buddy.

Budddy is not a barker to signal you on having to go out unexpectantly. So I taught him how to ring a bell which was hanging on the doorknob. He caught on real quickly to this new mode of alerting his owner to going outside. He picks up tricks real quickly which is great for conversation piece and when visiting people with children or the elderly. Buddy knows how to crawl on command, wave hello and goodbye and play dead when I use my finger like a gun and use the word bang. He is a dog who loves to please so he is eager to learn if you have a cookie even more so of a motivating drive.

I won't forget the first day I brought Buddy home and gave him water.

My kitchen floor looked like a river. Thank God the cellar door is off the kitchen and always open. Buddy water and feeding dish is down the cellar where he can slurp to his heart content.

I am so glad I adopted Buddy he is truly a wonderful dog that deserve a nice home. This household knows his limitation and he will grow with it.

I sent a few pictures some you will see of him in the wood. Of course if he is chewing on something it is a tennis ball.

Home at last

Home forever

Eileen Moreira

P.S.Buddy the yellow labrador

If you are ever in the neighborhood feel free to drop by.

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