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Dogs Adopted in September 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in September, 2002

 Wiggy, 4 month old Male Mutt puppy    Adopted
Wiggy is a 4 month old, sweet, puppy who was abused. He still has burn marks on his back, but doesn't hold it against anyone. He is as sweet as they come. We expect him to be a good sized dog. He adores children and is pretty gentle, not mouthy.

Renamed Oliver. Read his Success Story

 Pup, 7 mo. old male Shepherd/Chow mix    Adopted
This Shepherd/chow mix is just a big teddy bear of fur. He's called PUP, but whomever adopts him can certainly rename him. He's from NC where his foster folks love him, but needed to make room for more. Loves kids!

Renamed Baxter. Read his Success Story

 Cher, 3 mo. old female chihuahua mix    Adopted
Cher is a small WV puppy who appears to be a chihuahua mix. She may get a little bigger than chihuahua sized, though. She is sweet and needs a home with no small children, because of her fragile size.

Renamed Gracie. Read her Success Story

 Ashley, 6 mo. old female Collie/spaniel mix    Adopted
Ashley is an unusual Sable with some silverish tints. Her hair is very soft & silky - it feels great to pet. And Ashley love it when you pet her, especially if you're rubbing her belly. Ashley is a very sweet, submissive girl who came to us as a stray with her sister Mary Kay. She is intelligent and willing to learn.

Renamed Suki. Read her Success Story

 Kelly, 6 mo. old female Catahoula Leopard mix     Adopted
Kelly Catahoula mix dog from KY. She is very people oriented and likes to play. She has one blue eye and one brown and is full of puppy love and energy. She used to chase chickens for a living so would be best in a home without cats.

Renamed Chloe. Read her Success Story

 Parker, 3 mo. old male Lab/boxer mix    Adopted
This little charmer is Parker. He is a male Boxer mix puppy who is 3 months old (as of 8/15). He was turned in by his people who just no longer had the time for him. Puppies do need time and attention. Parker is a fun-loving, playful puppy who is always ready for some fun. He is friendly and will just wiggle and waggle for attention. He will be fine with other dogs.

Renamed Eddie. Read his Success Story

 Dylan, 5 mo. old male German Shepherd mix    Adopted
This pup, Dylan, just arrived with Jimmy Page and they full of fun and trouble. They like to run and chase each other, but are quick to stop playing for a pat or treat. He is really sweet. .

Read his Success Story

 Jack and Jill,  Beagle mix puppies    Adopted
Jack and Jill are two 8 week old beagle mix pups. They could be mixed with Jack Russell as the female has the markings of a JRT.

Jack renamed Buddy. Read his Success Story

Read Jill's Success Story

Mulan, 1 yr. old female Shih tzu mix

This is Mulan, a Shih tzu mix who has a yorkie-like face. She is very sweet and already knows to sit for a treat. She will get snatched up quickly as she a young, small dog. Please, no small children as she was teased with sticks by small children, hence she is leary of strangers who reach down to pat her. She would do best as an only dog in a small adult household as she tends to bond closely with one person. She will need time to develop trust with human, but we think it's workable as she has no problem in the foster home. She weighs approx. 10-15 lbs. Adopted to a lovely woman who is familiar with small breeds and their quirkiness!

Patches, Corgi/JRT mix 6 mos. old female

Patches is an adorable 20 lb. female dog who has a docked tail and is all wiggles and playfulness. She is a laugh a minute withher antics. She is already spayed and ready to go. She was reputed to be the smartest dog at the shelter, so would be great for agility or someone who wants to help her reach her potential. Adopted

Hendrix, 6 mo. old male Lab mix

Hendrix is a very beautiful lab mix older pup. He is a young, active lab who will need training and leash work. Heloves to play with other dogs or just chew a rawhide bone. Sweet as can be. Very labby like. Adopted

Winchester, 4 mo. old Lab mix

Winchester is a 4 month old lab mix who is cute and full of puppy love and energy. Adopted to a family of four kids, all are home schooled so he is going to get lots of attention!

Angel, 3 year old Collie mix, Sable

Angel, female collie mix spayed, loves kids, Very sweet. picture will be up soon. She is safe with dogs, kids, cats, housebroken. A lovely dog who is very adoptable. She could go with a working person or stay at home. Great dog. Adopted!

Mary Kay, 6 mo. old female Collie/spaniel mix

Adopted to a family with kids who live close to the beach where she can swim to her heart's delight!

Jimmy Page, 5 mo. old male German Shepherd mix

This pup, Jimmy Page just arrived with Dylan and are full of fun and trouble. They like to run and chase each other, but are quick to stop playing for a pat or treat. Both are really sweet. Both are adopted!

P.T., 7 mo. old male Shepherd mix

What a face!! This face that is full of personality belongs to P.T. He is a Terrier/German Shephard mix who looks just like the famous Tramp in "Lady & The Tramp". He is 7 months old now (as of 8/31). He was adopted from a southern shelter as a puppy and recently returned. His people had an older dog that passed away and they said P.T. has been miserable since then. They thought he would be happier in another home. So here P.T. is looking for a home. P.T. is a true character will tons of personality. He is goofy and very playful. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who just loves people. He is very friendly and just wiggles, wiggles and wiggles with pleasure. He will need an outlet for his energy and playfulness. He is already crate trained and should be very easy to housetrain (he was use to being inside). Come meet P.T. - he is sad without a home of his own. It would be great if he had another dog or pup to play with.Adopted!

Harmony, 5 mo. old Beagle mix

Lassie, 7 mo. old female Colie mix

This very pretty girl is Lassie. She is a Collie mix who may have some Spaniel or Australian Shepherd mixed in. Lassie came to us as a stray and is about 6 1/2 months old (as of 8/1). She is in great health and obviously was someone's pet before. Lassie has a beautiful, thick coat that is soft and just begs to be touched. Lassie is a sweet, gentle dog who really likes people. She is eager to please and very intelligent. We think she would make a good obedience dog. She is affectionate and plaful. Lassie does not like some dogs, so we'd like to place her as an only dog and have the adopter socialize her in obedience school. No cats, please. Adopted

Dutchess, 7-8 mo. old female Lab/Weim mix

Dutchess is a 7-8 month old yellow lab mixed with Weimeraner. She has brown eyes and a short tail like a Weim. She is solid fawn. She is very sweet and eager to please, house breaking nicely, crates well, playful and loving. What's not to love? She weighs around 40 lbs. Adopted!

Dixie, 1 yr. old female Catahoula mix

Meet our very pretty Dixie. She is a Catahoula Leopard mix who is around 1 yr old (as of 7/17). She was found tied to the fence at a shelter in KY one morning. Poor thing was so excited to see them. She is a friendly girl who is very social. She gets along with everyone and knows no strangers. She is fine with other dogs too and well behaved with cats. Dixie will be a super companion - she is completely house broken and good in the house, not a chewer. She is great with cats and very lovable to people and dogs in her foster home.  Adopted!

Pongo, 6 mo. old spaniel/pointer mix

PONGO! This six month old male spaniel mix was allowed to roam the streets of NC and got hit by a car. Someone rescued him, got his leg in a cast, but can't keep him. We can get him up here if we have an adopter. We've got him here now and his exrays look good, a hairline fracture. New cast should be off in a few weeks. He is now neutered and looking for a home. He is one of the happiest dogs, in spite of his injury. He is expected to do very well and recover completely. Adopted

Dutchess, 7-8 mo. old female Lab/Weim mix

Dutchess is a 7-8 month old yellow lab mixed with Weimeraner. She has brown eyes and a short tail like a Weim. She is solid fawn. She is very sweet and eager to please, house breaking nicely, crates well, playful and loving. What's not to love? She weighs around 40 lbs. Adopted

Molly is a large 7 month old female lab who loves kids and just about everybody. She's a nice dog and pretty mild for a lab as far as activity level goes. Adopted

Sheena  female, small 1 year olds

Sheena is what we call a WV special as there seems to be a lot of little mixed breed dogs like this down there. These are sweet as pie. Travel well, very good natured and submissive. Sheena was adopted to a family with children and she's doing great!

Hairless Chinese Crested dogs

Nellie is a spayed hairless crested who just turned six. She has a black crest and black body. She is lively and happy and quiet. Her fondest wish is to sit on your lap all day and be petted. It doesn't bother her if another dog is there, she will just shove him out of the way or leap on top of him. She gives abundant kisses. She gets along well with all dogs and has paid no attention to the cat. She walks well on her leash, but is cautious on unfamiliar walks and has to be coaxed. True to the breed, she has few teeth, and although she likes to eat, the food needs to be soft. She is very anxious to bond with someone. She is crate trained, but we don't know if she is housebroken yet. Adopted

Rapper is a very affectionate, smart, cute Chinese Crested dog. He is very easy-going and low maintenance and all it takes to make him really happy is a little affection. All he really wants is to be loved. He would even go for a back rub over food! He's very sensitive and a little scared of loud or sudden noises, large dogs and people he doesn't know (well they're just so tall!) until he gets to know them.

Rapper has proved exceptionally easy to train.He is now house-trained and crate trained! He's so smart I only had to praise him once to go into his crate at night and he will now go in by himself at about 11pm and stay in it all night with the door open! He also got "lie down" very quickly.

He's really opened up since he's come to stay with me and will go outside by himself and seek out a shady spot in my back yard and spend all day there lazily scoping out the birds, or monitoring the wind blowing the tree leaves. He no longer has to be glued to me! He absolutely loves going for walks but is not used to traffic so would prefer not to be in the city. If you want a very loving, smart, cute, low-maintenance lap-sitter, Rapper's your dog! Adopted

Boomer, mixed breed pup, 12 weeks, mom is Luann, but we think dad is a border collie as he looks and acts BC. I wouldn't place him with small kids even though he's cute. He's going to need an attentive home who will give him the training he needs

No phone calls, please. If you're interested in adopting a puppy, go to our Applications page, and if you qualify, fill out an application. We don't have the resources to answer general inquiry questions about puppies. Adopted

This is Luann and Lucy. They are both long haired small/medium sized girls.

I do not know what they are. Someone put them in a cage and left them at the front door of a WV shelter. They are both sweet and so is Boomer the pup that is with them.

Electra is an adorable 14 week old female golden/shep or husky mix. She's cute and loving. Adopted!

Shaggy is a male mixed breed terrier. He's probably going to be medium-sized. He'll be at our adoption event this weekend. Adopted

Luann (Boomer's mom) Adopted

Callie is a 1-2 year old spayed female lab mixed with possible beagle. Sweet girl. Adopted

Erin has an older pup, a 5-6 month old female, named Babe. She's all black and has floppy ears. She looks like a small lab mix. Adoption in progress

Roxy, small breed female, small 1 year olds

Roxy is a one year old female corgi mix who is sweet as pie. She travels well, is great with dogs, cats and kids. She's very good natured and submissive. Adopted!

Carrie is a 4 year old spayed female German Shepherd dog.

She was brought in because her owners were moving and could not take her. She is good with other dogs and is good with kids. She's very gentle with the kittens in the foster home. She's house broken and beyond needing to be crated as she's safe in the house. She so needs individual attention, but is not overbearing. A really good find for someone looking for a companion. ADOPTED

Lucky is a very sweet boy, under a year, who is crate trained and recently neutered. He is lovable and devoted, a real people dog. He's about 25 lbs. so would be good for a small home. He's not a city dog as his bark sounds like a hound, although he looks like a long-haired dachsund mix.

He gets along well with other dogs and is good with kids. ADOPTED


Lucy is a one year old spaniel mix. She's a spunky little 20 lb. dog who is great on a leash and seems to be house trained. We would prefer an adult household as she was not raised with children. ADOPTED

Churchill is a 6 month old Aussie mix. He is friendly and a real tail wagger. Good with other dogs. Adults only home as he was not raised with children. He is housebroken. ADOPTED

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