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  Freja, 7.5 years Female English Golden Retriever
Freja Freja

Freya is a 7.5 year old spayed female Golden Retriever who is looking for an adult home. She became increasingly nervous around the toddler and bit him when he startled her while sleeping. Other than the bite she is a very loving typical golden: happy to see anyone and wanting belly rubs. She loves to play hide and seek with toys, does tricks for pets and treats. She does not like to go out in the rain, but will if you ask her too. Can sleep for hours on end and is happy to be in the same room as you, though likes her space (will park herself a few feet away where she can see as much as possible). also loves to go on walks/runs/hikes, especially in colder weather. She loves having a house with a dog door so she can go outside whenever she wants. She also loves when you have her try to catch a toy that you’re holding behind your back. She knows: stay, sit, lay down, off, leave it, spin around, Shake, shake it up, speak (really quietly. An all adult home would be a good match for Freya. Apply at