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  Suzie, 9 months Female Lab  Mix
Suzie Suzie

Suzie is a 9 month old petite spayed Lab mix from Louisiana. She was left at a deer camp and was starving. She's in a foster in Louisiana and loves her stuffed bear, which she carries everywhere. Her foster mom says, "Suzie is such a fun girl to have around. She loves to play fetch and to run. She does very well in her kennel and we kennel her at night and when we are away from home. She is very attached to her two lovies which are Elle and Teddy. She won't leave her kennel without one of them and will usually go back for the other. She takes them outside with her to potty. When it is time to kennel for the night we always put her lovies in with her and give her a treat in the kennel. She does love to chew as she is just a puppy and will shred a tennis ball in a heartbeat. My two teenage children have spent a lot of time with her and are very much attached." Available 8/15/22.