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  Holly, 1 years Female Lab Retriever  Mix
Holly Holly

Holly is a 1 year old tiny Lab mix who might be mixed with Whippet as she's lean and petite. She was abandoned at a local Tractor Supply. The manager called our sister rescue, LAMA, because she was trying to come inside. It was 100 degrees that day. She is super friendly and will fetch a ball and bring it back. She loves to ride in the car. If she knows she is going to the park she gets excited and will bark on the ride there but is quiet on the way back. She is really good in the crate during meals and overnight. She weighs less than 40 lbs. and is full grown. She has a heart murmur, but only a 2 out of 6. A volunteer took her for a walk, "She was fine ignoring a large ride on mower and cars. She did the stone steps next to the mill and the bridge with no hesitation. We walked about a mile and she could easily do more. She barked some on the way there, but jumped right into my car at the end of our walk and was quiet on the way back. She’s a lot of fun and really seemed to enjoy getting out!" Apply at and we'll send you the next steps. She was briefly adopted but the couple felt they couldn't give her what she needed, which is other young dogs to play with and a big yard.