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  Angus, 4 years Male English Lab
Angus Angus

Angus is a 4 year old, soon to be 5, purebred English Lab who is a new arrival. He was a companion dog for a family with a disabled son. He is great with kids, cats, and dogs and is an all-around fabulous dog. He needs a home with just a few stairs to the outside and several one mile walks a day. Angus has a mild hock/ankle issue that is genetic. If he gets too much activity, he will limp (back left leg). He's an active dog, good to go with two walks a day between (1-2 miles per walk), but not a good fit for someone who wants a running or hiking partner. He was overweight and still needs to lose a few pounds. They kept him active but didn't overdo it, and he takes supplements so he has no limp currently. We also have him on a mostly raw diet to help keep the pounds off and keep him nutritionally supported. He might be perfect for empty nesters or early retirees. A dream home would have access to water as he loves to swim! Apply at