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  Snookie, < 1 year Female Lab Retriever  Mix
Snookie Snookie

SNOOKIE IS A GORGEOUS LAB MIX. If it wasn't July she would be snapped up in a minute. She has personality and looks! What's not to love! Snookie is mostly Lab and has the friendly Lab personality. In her foster home she was great with the 3 year old child. Snookie weighs 57 lbs. She loves to play with toys. She has a sad story. She was shot in the face with buck shot and left to die. You would never know she had this early trauma as she is a beautiful, friendly, outgoing dog. Snookie has been passed by because she is very excited when you first meet her. A volunteer took her for a walk and she was a totally different dog once she got on the hiking trail and off the road. She was confident and happy and couldn’t stop smelling things and listened very very well. In the woods - She was not the dog we see in the kennel where she barks at everything or in the yard where she chews everything. She had a blast while still being very light on the leash. She barely pulled - like only once or max twice when she found a fascinating smell she couldn’t leave alone. She absolutely loved the hike though- she would have kept going onwards forever. She is a perfect hiking companion!! She came back and walked right into the kiddo pools with water to cool down :-) Apply at and we'll send you the next steps.