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  Rylee, 5 months Female Golden Doodle

ADOPTED: Rylee found an amazing home, holistic-practicing who will continue the acupuncture. Her latest tests showed she does not have an ectopic ureter, so no laser surgery was required. The Cystoscopy identified that she has a condition called "urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence". Working with her clinician at Tufts, we have decided that her treatment plan includes - allowing her to have a natural heat cycle, acupuncture, a remedy, and chiropractor treatment - Chiropractic complete and first acupuncture done. Rylee is doing great in her foster home. She has a new "puppy cut", sleeps through the night in a crate pen combination, is clean and dry overnight aside from an occasional small bladder leak, rides well in the car (no diaper required), takes regular walks on leash, has a new favorite game of Frisbee, loves grass and clover to both roll in and pull, wants to participate in all gardening activities particularly pruning, loves the neighborhood children, runs just because she can ..... what more can I say? She deserves a wonderful Forever Family of her own. Rylee just turned 5 months as she just lost a canine. Donations will help off-set the cost of her medical tests.