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  Cypress, 2.5 years Female Lab/Bully/Boxer  Mix

Cypress will jump through hoops to find a great home! She loves to jump through a Hula Hoop and she loves to Fetch and bring it back. She knows Drop It too! She weighs 48 pounds and is 2 years old. What a sweet girl! Cypress’s foster reports that Cypress is a love and a joy. She is a playful pup who loves being outdoors. She is a loyal companion and will keep you company while you do yardwork. Cypress is house-trained and respectful indoors. She is also joyful and playful indoors and out, and she loves to pounce on toys. She will be calm and patient when crated while you are out – and she will let you sleep through the night while she is quietly crated. She rides well in the car, and she is respectful when on-leash. If Cypress’s name does not roll off your tongue, she will respond to whatever name you choose. Her foster was inclined to call her Lulu! She is more than ready for her forever home – she’ll love you back many times over!