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  Josie, ~ 6 months Female Lab/Shepherd/Boxer/Bully  Mix
Josie Josie

Josie is part of a litter of 8 Lab mix pups who were rescued in Louisiana and brought up to Save A Dog. Jack, Josie, and Jude are the remaining three who were held back because there was no room at the shelter at the time. They are six months old now and have received the rabies and other boosters as well as the Proheart shot. They are large breed pups so adopters need to wait until full maturity before neutering. These grew up on a farm and are accustomed to a rural environment. The Mom is a reportedly a boxer/bully mix and Dads are Chocolate Lab and Shepherd. Josie looks more Boxer/Shepherd-like and Jack and Jude look Labby. She is available after her health exam. Apply at