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  Faith, 2 years Female Beagle/Sheltie/Rat Terrier  Mix
Faith Faith

Faith is a petite terrier mix who looks like a tiny Shepherd weighing on 26 lbs! Faith is a friendly, playful, affectionate dog who adores people. She wags her tail at everyone she meets! She also really enjoys playing with other small dogs. She is very smart and loves to learn new things. She is an active, athletic girl who thrives on outdoor time and would make a wonderful running or hiking partner. In her foster home, she got along well with the other dogs and made herself part of the family right away -- her foster mom described her as one of the most loving and gentle dogs she has fostered. She is very well mannered in the house, sleeps happily through the night, and is 100% housetrained. She has never had an accident in the house (and she cries when she needs to go out), she doesn't beg at dinnertime, she doesn't counter surf, she doesn't try to get into anything. She rides well in the car with her dog seat belt. She has no noise phobia -- the thunderstorms and fireworks didn't faze her at all. She was spayed on June 8th.