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  Harvey, ~ 9 years Male Shih Tzu  Mix
Harvey Harvey

Harvey is a 9 yr old, diabetic male fluff ball. We think he's a mix of Maltese and Havanese. He was brought in to the vet's to be euthanized because he has diabetes. He needs two insulin shots a day. He stands there like a trooper and lets you give it to him. His foster says, "Harvey is a wonderful little guy who is both affectionate and fun. Any time you look at and engage him, he wags his tail, which is so darn cute. He is 100% house trained and always relieves himself within just a minute or so upon taking him outside. He has been sleeping in a crate every night since he's been with me without any fuss. He sleeps through the night and patiently waits for me to let him out every morning. He gets along with everyone in my family, including my Dachshund and my Chihuahua mix. He loves to go on walks and also loves to explore the back yard. We have a couple plush toys that he is particularly fond of, and I've seen him walking around the house looking for places to hide them to get them later. If I throw these toys for him, he enjoys retrieving them. He has no issues with my leaving during the day to run errands. He just hangs out in the family room or kitchen until I come back (always waiting anxiously at the door, lol). One thing I particularly love about him is that he really likes to be near you. If I'm standing at the kitchen counter on my laptop, he's sure to be curled up a couple feet away on the nearest dog bed. Or, if my husband and I are watching college football all afternoon, he'll lie down on the sofa between us (or ON one of us) for the duration.