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  Ricky, ~7 months Male Bully/Dane  Mix

Ricky is the SWEETEST dog you'll ever meet. He was rescued out of an abandoned house back in July and LAMA rescue nursed him back to health. He has rickets and is recovered. He is the best dog and so laid back for a puppy. All he wants is belly rubs and loving. He is 7 months old and neutered. He looks like a Dane with Dane feet, but a much smaller version. His foster mom writes, "Ricky is everybody’s friend…. He loves wrestling with his foster brothers and sisters…. He is a smart, sensitive boy and he is in tune with human emotions… If you are happy he is happy… If you are sad he wants to lean against you and hug you… If you are working on something and concentrating he watches every move you make… He loves using his big feet to swat at things or to show you something he is interested in … He likes to follow beside you when you walk but insists on being behind you when you walk down a hallway or through a door… He was working on learning to fetch but hadn’t figured the comeback part out completely… When he sleeps he likes to lay his head on a pillow like a human and he snores a little… He’s a sweet beautiful boy that’s going to make a great addition to someone’s family.
" Available 10/11/21.