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  Siska, 4 years Female Doodle  Mix
Siska Siska

Siska is a 4 year old Doodle who is looking for a quiet home. Her foster mom says, "Siska is a delightful companion. She is affectionate and wonderfully playful. She loves her toys, especially squeaky toys. Both in the house and in the fenced yard, Siska displays the perfect balance of calm, gentle, and easy-going with bursts of energy and playfulness. In the yard she likes to run from end-to-end with her ball--totally entertaining herself -- and she is a well-behaved companion while you do your gardening. She also loves to go for walks, and she inspires me to get out and walk multiple times a day. Siska is calm and quiet while I work from home. I can trust her to be free in the house, even when Iím out. She seems very receptive to being in a calm, predictable household. Iíve been working on positive reinforcement when we see other dogs, children, and strangers, as described below. She was adopted last fall, but her human mom has health issues and can no longer care for her." Siska will bark at strangers and tends to bond more closely with one person, but she has lived in homes with couples. She barks at cats, probably due to lack of exposure, but best without cats. She formerly slept in the bed with her family. Best with an adult only home as she was not raised with kids. Apply at