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  Betty, 3 years old Female Lab/Border Collie/Bully  Mix
Betty Betty

Betty is a sweet three year old Lab mix who needs a new home due to a death in her family. She was adopted as a puppy and has lived in a loving home where she was offered daily explorations and adventures in her fenced in yard and with her family on walks in the woods. She has always had stability and routine in a calm and loving family. She has trained with the best and knows many commands. Betty knows “come”, “sit”, “down” (“all the way down”), “wait”, “stay”, she will “return” to your left side upon command, “Go” (which sends her away from a place/situation she should leave and “okay, let’s go” which is used when it’s time to move along on a walk or from one thing to another and many more commands. That said she needs daily vigorous exercise and not just a quick walk. Betty's humans were always at home with her and she has a daily routine that will help acclimate her to a new home. Young retirees or a single would be ideal for her as she was not raised with young children. She has always known the freedom of a fenced in yard where she can explore the gardens and we hope we can find a similar situation for her. She loves the water and would make a great beach dog. She's not a "friend for your dog" as she thrives on one on one attention. Please apply at