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  Brenda, DOB: 12/23/20 Female Retriever/Hound/Bulldog  Mix

Brenda is a stunningly beautiful brindle girl. She is in a foster home with her sister Francesca and loves to explore the fenced in yard. Come rain, shine or snow she loves to be outside and will run and run playing chase with her sister. She will play bow and "yip" at the resident dogs to engage them in play and is sweetly submissive. She loves her food, cuddles, all toys and her chewy. She was clean in her crate/pen overnight. Arlo, Brenda, Carson, Dawson, Ernie, Francesca, Georgie, Harry, and Izzie are 9 week old pups who came up to Save A Dog from South Carolina to find adoptive homes. They look to be large breed pups. We look for stay-at-home situations for our pups and some recent experience with dog training as classes might not be available right now. We are looking for local adopters who are willing to attend puppy classes or play group at our location. As these pups are young, they are still learning from each other. Please be compliant with our holistic protocol so that your pup will live a long and healthy life. Due to Covid-19 we do not have walk-in hours and are only adopting in our locale. Our phones cannot hold that many messages so please fill out the application and wait for the response.