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  Delta, 15 weeks Female Lab/Collie/Whippet  Mix
Delta Delta

Delta is a 15 week old Lab mix from Louisiana. She's fun and playful and sleeps through the night in the crate and she is almost house trained during the day. She makes it overnight and goes on a pee pad if you can't read her signals. She's quiet, not a barker unless another dog has a toy she wants. She's too mouthy for young kids because she's teething and will need lots of chewies. She loves toys. She will sit in the toy box and picks out the ones she wants. Must have toys! She's recovering from a mild case of kennel cough so if your dog is elderly it might not be a good idea. Please be compliant with our holistic protocol so that your pup will live a long and healthy life. Due to Covid-19 we do not have walk-in hours. Our phones cannot hold that many messages so please fill out the application and we will try to get back to you in a timely manner. Go to