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  Kris, 5 months Male DSH/Tabby  Mix

Kris and his sister Kady were found on someone’s front porch. Kris is a very personable kitten. He is very playful and attention seeking. Kris LOVES to chase his jingle ball through the house! He loves to be held and played with. He will stay in your lap for hours. He will begin to purr as soon as he sees you. When you walk in the door after being gone he will run to greet you! He plays with the Rat Terrier in the foster home and lets the dog carry him around in his mouth, but will hiss and spit when she's tired of him. He does not like larger, visiting dogs. He and Kady love the visiting grandchildren (ages 5-9) when they visit and allow themselves to be carried around like babies. They should go as a pair. Available 9/14/20.