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  Bonnie, 10 weeks Female DSH / Tabby  Mix

Bonnie was born on a farm in Indiana and was brought to us with her littermates. These 10 week old kittens were rescued in Indiana by one of our partners who we've worked with for over a decade. There are 4 males and 4 females. If considering adopting please be aware that cats can live to be 20+ years old so it is a very long term commitment. It is not fair to only keep a cat for a short while and then give him/her up later. They love their families and are heartbroken to be separated from them at any point. If interested in adopting please complete the application at and download the application. Our adoption policies are as follows: Kittens must be placed in pairs OR there must be another kitten at home for the kitten to play with. Some pairs of cats will only be placed as pairs and not split up. Due to Covid-19 we do not have drop-in visits, but everything is scheduled by appointment and by invitation only -- if we feel you are a match and if we are not overwhelmed with applications ahead of yours. All decisions are made in the best interest of the cats.