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  Molly, DOB: 3/25/20 Female Dachshund/Australian Shepherd  Mix

UPDATE: MOLLY'S SURGERY WENT WELL AND SHE IS BACK HOME WITH HER FOSTER FAMILY! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND DONATIONS! Molly is one of Mindy's pups born on 3/25/20. Molly was born with a heart defect called Patent Ductis Arteriosus where a blood vessel, the ductus arteriosus, does not close properly. Fortunately, it is correctable with a surgical procedure. If the surgery is performed before heart failure develops the success rate is very high and the prognosis for a normal life after the surgery is excellent. Thanks to your donations we were able to get Molly to a cardiologist at Tufts and four cardiologists performed the life-saving surgery on Molly. The surgical expenses exceeded $5000 but we were able to raise the funds with our wonderful community of donors. Molly has a home waiting and once she is fully recovered she will join her sibling Matty in her adoptive home. This is one very blessed little dog, thanks to a community of compassionate and generous dog lovers! God bless you all and God bless Bev and Ken MacKay who fostered Molly through the long process. Molly is pictured below with their little grand daughter, Ellie, who witnessed Molly's birth and waa very big help all along the way.