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  Kiddo, 1 year Female Yorkie/Min Pin  Mix
Kiddo Kiddo

KIDDO WILL NOT BE AT THE MEET AND GREET ON 9/28. Kiddo is a 9 lb Min Pin / Yorkie mix who is a small bundle of fun. Kiddo may be part min pin, but she surely has some terrier in her, too, probably Yorkie. She weighs 9 pounds, so she's a little squirt. She barked at the robotic cat so we're not sure about cats, but she would probably be fine with a confident cat. She was initially feisty on leash with other dogs, but she plays nice with the male Yorkie in her foster home. She got to know a big German shepherd pup, too, so she can co-exist with another dog nicely. Kiddo does like children, but being so small, the kids would need to understand how to treat her gently. She likes to play and is fun to watch, but even though she feels big, she's not! She's in a foster home so will only be at our shelter by appointment (we need to receive an application before arranging a meeting). Apply at