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  Lola, 3 year old Female Lab/Great Pyrenees  Mix
Lola Lola

Lola is a 3 years old lab/pyrenees mix, approximately 55 pounds. She loves people and will need to be taught not to jump up. She wants so badly to connect with people and have them stay with her that she jumps up and even wraps her paws around them as if to claim them and their attention. She seems very smart and would learn quickly and responds well to kindness. She wants to please! She was interested in a small kitten in a cage in the lobby, but when allowed to go close, she didn't seem to want to harm it but just to see it. It may have been the first cat she had seen and she wanted to investigate. Lola is a pretty dog with cream-colored hair and brown eyes. She will be a great family pet with just a little patient training and love. Your love will be returned! History: Lola came in with a chocolate lab named Louie, both surrendered by an elderly couple who could no longer trek to the outside building where they were kept to feed and care for the dogs. She arrives 12/15/18 and will be available after 12/18/18.