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  Butch, ~ 1 year Male Beagle/Sheltie/Chi/Jack  Mix
Butch Butch

Butch is a tiny 8.5 lbs boy who has had a rough start. His owner abandoned him in an unheated house in the middle of winter. Some of his littermates got out and got hit on the road. Butch walks with a limp and we suspect he survived a car incident. When the vet took an x-ray of the hip he noticed a large rock in his stomach. A few days later Butch vomited up the rock and new x-rays showed he was cleared. You can only imagine what this tiny one year old pup has been through that he had to eat rocks. He is the most frightened of this group but comes around quickly with a gentle handler. He is neutered and is a quiet boy who is very sweet. He is available on 8/7/18. He has been here since the 1st but the vet had to cancel the appointment.