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  Molly, 7 years old Female Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier  Mix

Molly came to us with her pup, Mindy, from Indiana. She is a sweet and loving girl. She is being treated for a skin issue at our holistic vet, Dr. Roman of MASH. Dr. Roman felt it best if she stop nursing as she is depleted and needs to recover from her chronic issues. Molly is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and she is affectionate but not pushy about it. She gets along with other dogs and is friendly with cats. She has low expectations and we can only imagine what a deprived life she had before coming into rescue. Thank God she's in good hands now and we pray for a loving, gentle adopter. A quiet home with access to our Hopkinton vet is best as Dr. Roman will perform the spay surgery when Molly is ready. Donations gladly accepted as the vet bill will exceed the adoption. Molly finally found an adopter! .