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  Bailey, 2 years Male Chinese Crested
Bailey Bailey

Bailey had a staph infection that was resistant to antibiotics, we are treated him holistically wit O-zone therapy, and homeopathic remedies. He is recovering nicely but still needs TLC His vet bill was over $1300, so we can use some donations to help this sweet little guy. Bailey is a 2 year old neutered male Chinese Crested (powder puff) who is friendly with dogs and kids. He doesn't know a stranger, as they say. He wraps his paws around strangers' legs, waves with his front paws and will lie in their arms forever. His quirks are barking at every car, truck, bird, big dog he sees, so he needs a securely fenced in yard until he is fully leash trained. He is not a dog for flea and tick drops so if you are of that mind-set, he is not the dog for you. He needs a home experienced with alternative treatments to the types of allergies that these little white dogs are prone to. BAILEY WILL BE AT THE MEET AND GREET ON 3/17 from 12-1:30