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  Romeo, 13 weeks Male Shepherd  Mix
Romeo Romeo

Romeo is a 13 week old Shepherd/Rottweiler mix who already weighs 20 pounds. He is a big pup who will probably be around 80-100 pounds when he is fully grown. The vet thinks he will be quite large as he still has his baby teeth. He is GORGEOUS and sweet! He is up to date on his vaccines and has been vetted by our vet. He hasn't been neutered yet though because one of his testicles has not dropped. Our vet recommended waiting to see if it will drop instead of doing an invasive surgery right away. Romeo is a great puppy. He loves dogs and doesn't stop playing with his brother Barney. He also enjoys his people time. He'll run over to you and give you as many kisses as possible. He is also a very smart puppy who knows sit and lay down. If you think you are the right fit please fill out an online application at Thank you to the many wonderful people who applied for Romeo. We wish he had more siblings, but he found a fabulous home!