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  Murphy, 7 years Male Wheaton Terrier

Murphy, a Wheaten Terrier will be 7 years old on June 3rd, although his enthusiasm for life makes him seem more like 3! Murphy needs a home which understands Wheatens. A home with a fenced in yard, preferably with another docile, easy going dog, who likes to play. Murphy loves his yard and to play. He also enjoys daily long walks. He is house trained and knows his commands. He is crate trained, (or room trained), but make sure you give him a treat or he will let you know you forgot, with a strong bark. Murphy has territorial issues with people coming up to the car or into his home. He will bark furiously and may even try to nip, however when he has been introduced to people outside he has been non-reactive and has shown none of those behaviors. He is trainable with someone who is consistent and positive. When company comes he is fine being put in a room with a treat and door shut. Then he can be taken out on a leash and introduced. With another dog we find it best meet outside, initially keep both dogs on leash and slowly allow to smell each other or even better, take them both for a walk together. No cats or children. To help successfully transition Murphy into his new, forever home, his foster mom would be very willing to coach his new owners, teach and help problem solve around his special needs. He is a love and will bring great joy to the right home. He can be seen by private appointment after we review your application.