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  Peanut, ~ 3-4 years Male Yellow Lab  Mix
Peanut Peanut

Hi, My name is Peanut because I was a little peanut-sized pup when I arrived at my former owner's home as a very young pup. I grew into a beautiful Lab. My mother was a purebred Yellow Lab and my father was a Yellow Lab mix. Here's some things you need to know. I'm 3 or 4 years old. I don't bark unless someone is at the door. I do not tear or chew things up in the house while the family is gone. I have gotten in the trash twice but the trash bag had been pulled out and was sitting on the floor and not tied up yet. I have not gotten into the actual trash can. I walk fairly well on leash, but will pull a little (according to the wife). So far I've done well with other dogs, cats and children. With any dog, you have to keep my social skills up. I have never snapped or tried to bite anyone. I love to fetch, I love my ball and tug toys. I don't like to give it back too well, so I will need some training. I will bring my toy to you and try to put it in your hand for you to throw it for me. I don't like to play in water very much but I have not really had the opportunity. I do not guard my food and I am generally excellent in the house if taken out regularly but will have accidents if left for long periods loose in the house. I am crate-trained and I do not soil my crate. Loud noises do not seem to bother me at all. I ride in the car just fine but it doesn't happen often. My last family worked opposite shifts so I was not home that much without someone there. They had teenagers who helped with walking us dogs (I lived with a Beagle), but they all got too busy so they felt I could do better. Please don't let that happen to me again. I'm available AFTER 3/22.