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  Gohan, ~ 1 year Male Collie  Mix

Gohan is a gorgeous one year old male Collie mix who is from WV. He weighs 47 lbs. He is fine with all over handling and fine with other dogs and kids. He is interested in cats, but hasn't been aggressive, just curious (probably a cat-free household would be best). Gohan LOVES showers. So you'd better lock the bathroom door or he'll climb in...and then muscle his way in front of you to hog the shower. He's playful and very friendly. Gohan grew up with other dogs, including his mother. He enjoys playing with other dogs and is okay with more dominant dogs. He loves to be around people, and will even join you in the shower! He doesn't mind his own baths, and will let you use a hair dryer, but would prefer air dry. He likes to play and is a ball of energy. Gohan will squirm over on the couch cuddle, and he is happy to be a lapdog (for brief periods of time between playing). His previous owners had to give him up because they were unable to provide enough time for him. While he doesn't seem to tear things up, he will get into everything if you leave him alone, so we're looking for an adopter who can provide Gohan with an interesting life with daily adventures that will address his needs. Gohan had a reaction to his rabies vaccine so we're looking for a holistic-minded adopter with a vet willing to write a waiver. Gohan Video: He is available after 3/20/17.