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  Dolly, 4.5 years Female Beagle  Mix
Dolly Dolly

Dolly is one of a kind. She is very gentle and a big cuddle bug, she loves to be with her people and is very devoted. She'll follow you around looking for belly rubs. She's good around other dogs and cats. She's really good around children, 8 yrs and up, but would probably be good with smaller children. She talks with this hilarious yodel. Dolly walks well on leash, but might pull if she sees a rabbit or squirrel. She is totally housebroken. She sleeps well in the crate through the night until you are ready to take her out in he morning. She may whine/howl a little at fist, but then settles down. She loves playing with squeaky toys and will chase a tennis ball. No apartments or condos for her as she occasionally barks. Dolly had a hard life before her rescue. She was chained to a dog house all her life. She got fed when the owner felt like it. Dolly is 4 and a half years old and is female beagle mix. She is big boned so weighs around 56 lbs. She looks like a big Beagle. She is fine with all over handling and is great with other dogs, cats and kids.