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  Wilbur, ~ 1 year Male Beagle/Basenji  Mix

Wilbur is a 1.5 year old neutered male Beagle mix with a honeybun tail. He and his buddy Wiley were turned in by their owner after the landlord decided that pets were no longer allowed. Wilbur gets along great with his foster's grumpy crew of dogs and plays with the younger dogs. He is fine with the cats. He is house trained. A great little guy. Who couldn't fall in love with those eyes! He has the nose of a beagle, but he hasn't wandered from the yard. He will stay in the fenced yard. Wilbur is always on the lookout for anything that moves or smells good. He would be a counter surfer if he wasn't so short. He has little dog syndrome - tries to boss all the big dogs around, but his foster brothers and sisters have put him in his place. Wilbur needs a loving home with a fenced in yard and a family to love. Available 2/21/17.