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  Empress, 4-8 months Female Spitz/Basenji  Mix
Empress Empress

Empress is a beautiful 5 month old female pup who just came in from St. Thomas. She is pure mutt, but has the look of a short-haired Spitz or Eskie. She is a little shy but will blossom in your home. She's tiny right now, around 13 lbs. She's very healthy. These pups tend to be a mix of a lot of small breeds.. They are very healthy due to the many breeds (no inbreeding) and if you follow our holistic protocol you can expect your pup will grow into a nice healthy dog who will live a long life. Puppies need someone home, no full time workers, please. More than 4 hours alone is too long. Please fill out the application and bring the whole family as we need to meet everyone before making a decision. Pls fill out the application on our Web site. Empress will need a fenced in yard as she's not very leash trained. Empress is doing well in her foster home, plays well with her foster brother. She is not fully housebroken, but is getting "it". Loves her kennel and sleeps through the night without any issues.