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  Cinder, ~ 17 years Female Labrador Retriever  Mix
Cinder Cinder

COME MEET THIS LOVELY GIRL, SHE WILL BE HERE SAT 12-3 TO MEET 3/11! Cinder is an 82 lb Lab who lost her home on Christmas eve, of all times! She is reputed to be 17 years old so we are only looking for a hospice home for her, someone with a really soft heart. Who knows, she could live a few more years. Cinder's in a short-term foster home and so far is fine with her dogs and ignores her cats. She's gone to the door to go outside to do her business --- Good Girl!!! When they took her to the car, she tried to jump in. So we lifted her front paws in and then her rear. She sat calmly on the back seat and watched out the window - content. What a sweet heart of a dog. The vet reviewed her and had this to say: She's stiff/arthritic in her joints. Some dry skin. Some lypomas. She has a firm mass on her left rear leg that has been there for several years and doesn't seem to bother her. We'd not do anything with it given her age and arthritis since to remove it would probably mean taking the leg. Her teeth weren't that bad. Her story: Her owner was/is homeless, living out of her car. She took Cinder from her brother when he died of cancer. Cinder could no longer live in the vehicle comfortably so she was give up to the pound. Cinder video being handled: Cinder video walking: