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  Daisy, 12 weeks Female Lab/Beagle/Boxer  Mix

Daisy started out a little shy and would prefer to retreat to the puppy pen than to be picked up. Over the last two weeks she has blossomed into a confident puppy and when you least expect it, she will be the one who has crept onto your knee for cuddles. She is always offering her belly for tickles. Daisy shows great self-control and was the first to realize that sitting nicely would get her a treat, even when her siblings were jumping all over.

Daisy and her siblings Berklee, Buster, Cadbury, Clover, Dandelion, Hershey, and Sparrow are 10 week old puppies from WV who have a rough start in their lives and are being treated for and a skin condition that could be sarcoptic mange so we are treating both homeopathically and conventionally. Currently they have thin or missing fur so we're going to give them a little time for the fur to come in and the itchiness to go down before we start showing them. We want them to be out of the woods when we send them home. We are looking for special homes for each one, once they are ready to go. They are currently in a foster home and under the care of our holistic vet. We prefer to find adopters who will take our lead on holistic care and good quality food so that they continue to grow and flourish.

Because these pups are so young, we prefer stay at home/work from home/or alternate schedule families, so the pups get all the socialization and training they need at this age. A home without small children and other dogs would be preferred but can be discussed upon receiving your application. Please do not call. We can accept applications via our website, and phone calls will not provide you with any additional information than what you see on the website. We will provide updates as we have them. Thanks for your consideration.