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  Jasper, 3 years Male Lab/Hound  Mix
Jasper Jasper

Jasper is a gentle soul in a Lab body. He is good with dogs and cats. He's met a deer nose-to-nose through a fence and showed no aggression or heightened interest. He's very good in the crate and free roam in the home as well. He nibs around and then usually just lays down somewhere near you. No accidents yet. He's strong on a leash so if you don't have a fenced in yard you'll need to be strong to handle him. Foster provider says: Jasper was frightened of the cat when she hissed at him and very tolerable of the four Chihuahua's who constantly pester him. Stats for Jasper - black lab hound mix, 3 yrs, 60 lbs, neutered. Fine with other dogs and with handling. He's very playful and goofy in the kennels!!! We have a strong applicant for him coming Thursday. We can take back up applications.