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  Daisy, 8 months Female Beagle

Daisy is a purebred Beagle who is 8 months old, weighs 36 pounds and is in need of a nice home. She was a "field trial flunky" which means she's not a hunter and she would make a great family pet. Daisy is as affectionate as they come. She is a low rider and is not totally leash trained so a fenced in yard would be best as she likes to sniff her way from the house to the car. She is as quiet as a mouse, not a peep out of her. She would be great with kids or another dog as she is gentle and sweet. She loves to play with toys and she likes to drag her bed outdoors and lie on it in the sun. She has so much personality. She's never met a cat, but doesn't have much of a prey drive so we think she would be fine. She's getting spayed on the 25th so might not be ready to meet until the 27th.