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  Lacy, ~ 2 years Female Sheltie / Border Collie  Mix

Lacy is a Sheltie / Border collie mix. She is 2 years old and weighs approximately 38 lbs. She is great with dogs and all over handling. she knows sit/shake and paw. Her foster mom says: 'Lacy is a little live wire and seems very smart -- she is sweet as can be. no accidents in the house. She sleeps in her crate and is very calm about being in the crate. This afternoon, she went in there voluntarily to rest when the door was open. She's been quiet most of the time. I heard one bark from her outside in the evening. She does not get car sick, but she was salivating a LOT during the whole ride to the foster home. She's very curious and playful. She likes our dog. She THINKS that she might like to play with the goats too, but I doubt that it would go well....we've only let them meet nose-to-nose. In the house, Lacy found the basket of dog toys and took out everything. She likes bones, balls, rope toys, etc. She prances through the house carrying a ball and doing what my husband calls "leaping Baryshnikov moves." Right now she's stretched out on the floor, tuckered out. She's had 2 days of Panacur dewormer so far. She ate up everything in the dish...dry food, moist food, medicine....gobbled everything. No food aggression problem.' Lacy is a jumper for sure, but even when she jumps up on people, she has a very gentle touch. You barely feel her feet on you. Her video is on She's quite trusting, too....likes belly rubs, even if you do it with your foot. Come meet this girl at our Meet and Greets this week.