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  Trixie, 1.5 years old Female Dalmatian  Mix
Trixie Trixie

TRIXIE IS BEING TRAINED TO BE A SERVICE DOG FOR A COMBAT VETERAN! Much thanks to the volunteers who worked with Trixie to give her this amazing opportunity!!! Here's her story: Trixie is a 1.5 year old female Dalmatian mix who has a delightful personality! She would make a great service dog as she is so smart. Like many shining stars she lost her first home because she was too energetic for the older Dalmatian living in the home. Trixie is so talented, she can open doors and sometimes gates. She went to the Cape with one of our volunteers this weekend and here's what she says, She is sweet, happy, takes treats gently, sleeps very well at night, did not need to crate, potty trained, loves to give kisses, will play with toys for a brief period, has sense of humor; likes to roll on her back and slides off the couch/bed. appetite much better if fed after her walk. Trixie really is a wonderful dog with such a cute personality and lots of love to give. She just needs the right adopter to give her the training, exercise, and consistency she needs. It would be great is she could go into foster care." If you have a big back yard with a doggy door or access to the outdoors, Trixie would be in HEAVEN!