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  Andy, ~ 2 years Male English Shepherd  Mix

Amy and Andy are 2 year old English Shepherd mixes who were adopted from a southern shelter and retrieved in horrible condition. These pictures are their "before" pictures. When rescued they were matted from head to toe, to the point that they had be completely shaved. What they found under all of the matting was even more horrifying. These dogs are absolutely EMACIATED to the point that the volunteer groomer had to go in between bones to shave them. It breaks our hearts to think of what these poor sweet dogs have been through since they left, and we are baffled that they were allowed to get to this point. What happens NOW is most important, though, and we have promised Amy and Andy that they will never be neglected again. If you have a soft heart for animals and want to give this pair the opportunity to know what love feels like, PLEASE consider opening your home to them. They really deserve a happy ending. We are hoping to place them together.