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  Simon, 15 Months Male Lhasa Poo  Mix
Simon Simon

This little "rug rat" needs a grooming, but don't hold it against him. He is a great little dog. Little Simon was surrendered because the people couldn't take on the responsibility of a dog. He is under 20 lbs and was born on 2/2/14 so still young and active. His little tail has not stopped wagging since he got here. What a love. Still, he was not raised with children that we know of so to be on the safe side, we're saying 12+ and up. It would be best for him to have someone home at least part of the day to begin his training as the previous people just did not have the time for him. He has luxating patellas in his hind legs but it doesn''t seem to bother him other than during the vet exam. He is adorable and will be at our Meet & Greets. Please fill out an application prior if you are interested in meeting him. you can access it at is in foster care and we are happy to make a private appointment to see him. He will not be at Meet & Greet.