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  Tui, 1 year Female Australian Shepherd
Tui Tui

Tui is a beautiful blue merle Australian Shepherd who just turned one year old. Her family was not able to give her the exercise that she needed and she became too hyper for their young children. We are assessing her energy level and expect her to level out with daily exercise, but we're looking for a savvy adopter who can provide this on a daily basis as well as reward-based training. She was not socialized with other dogs, but has done well with adolescent smaller dogs and with puppies. We prefer she go as an only dog and have her adopter slowly socialize her as she can get overwhelmed and scared with larger dogs. She loves to chase and play and loves to fetch. She will jump straight up in the air when she sees you, she gets so excited. She loves her toys and is attached to them but is not possessive at all. In the right home she will blossom and be a wonderful dog and we are committed to making the right match for her. We do want her to stay close to Sudbury so we can be available for training questions. We would love to find someone who is home part time and maybe willing to do agility or "fun work" because she is so bright. A fenced in yard would be best so that she can play off leash. Invisible fences are not for this sensitive girl.