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  Kay, 5 Months Female Italian Greyhound/Whippet  Mix
Kay Kay

Kay and Kyle are siblings from St Thomas. They are sweet 5 month old mixes. They have the fur and look of tiny yellow labs, but their body shape is Whippet. They will look like tiny Labs. They are still young so will need someone home a fair amount of the day to teach them their puppy lessons. They are very playful with each other and others. They are very petite so kids 10 and older would be best. Kay is a bit more adventuresome and curious than Kyle but he trots along anywhere she goes. They are fine with the fosters cats and dogs. They are a little shy and very small and can fit through picket fences so a secure yard is a must. Please fill out an application at Kay and Kyle will not be at Tuesday Meet & Greet but will be at the weekend ones.