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  Webb, 8 weeks Male Border Collie/Lab/Terrier/Pom  Mix
Webb Webb

Webb is one of the male pups who belongs to the two litters from two sister Moms. All the pups nursed from both Moms who were sisters and delivered them within a day of each other. All pups nursed from both moms so should be very healthy, getting the benefit from all that colostrum. Moms were border Collie/ Lab and Dad was Terrier/Pom. They are still just babies so will need to have someone home during the day to begin teaching them their puppy ways!. Families with kids under the age of12 must have a physical fence attached to the home. From his foster: Webb is slightly larger than his sister Yummy, black and fluffy with a cute curly tail. He is slightly more mellow than his siblings and is quicker to settle in his crate or on your knee when you need him too. He loves toys and responds with enthusiasm to positive praise, returning to play near or on you when you sit on the floor. He shows interest in everything that you are doing and wants to be part of it, including trying to share your coffee. He can make a game with anything - from cardboard tubes to a mark on the floor. He loves to cuddle and have a tummy rub, happy to lie on his back to be tickled. He also greets both my dogs with enthusiasm.