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  Yankee, 8 Weeks Male Border Collie/Lab/Terrier/Pom  Mix
Yankee Yankee

Yankee is one of the male pups who belongs to the two litters from two sister Moms. All the pups nursed from both Moms who were sisters and delivered them within a day of each other. All pups nursed from both moms so should be very healthy, getting the benefit from all that colostrum. Moms were border Collie/ Lab and Dad was Terrier/Pom. They are still just babies so will need to have someone home during the day to begin teaching them their puppy ways!. Families with kids under 12 must have a physical fence attached to the house. From his foster: Yankee is the largest of the three puppies, white and fluffy with one ear up and the other bent over. He is quick to learn and adjust his behaviors to receive praise and cuddles. He loves all toys but prefers those that he can take from his siblings. He is a clown and stalks moving objects, pouncing on them playfully with his front paws. He is assured enough that he will happily play in his crate alone. He hasn't been our foster as long as his siblings and can give the impression of being slightly timid, but warms up very quickly. He has acute hearing and is fascinated and interested in all new sounds, even joining in with my daughter when she plays violin. While he doesn't look like a lab, he will play with water in a similar way, happily digging his water bowl when he is looking for something new to do.